About Blathana




Everybody loves to put a face to a name, so there it is! This is me, Morgane and I am the owner of Bláthana herbal cosmetics.
As far as I remember, I was always passionate about cosmetics and I was never really concerned about what I was putting on my skin...
Until, I started to have severe eczema and I had to replace all my cosmetics for ones with a better compositions, but back then it was so hard to find them or they were very expensive!
So I started making my own ones! And here I am now, sharing them to the world !!!
I do not only care about healthy cosmetics but about Health and environnent in general.
My cosmetics are all made with natural plant-based ingredients, and they are cruelty-free.



For those who doesn't speak Irish, Bláth means flower and Bláthanna means flowers.
No, no, I didn't make any mistake when I called my company Bláthana with only one "N".
Ana refers to my little sister who is in Heaven. She is so terribly missed and I just wanted to inclued her to this project of mine, as I put all my heart and soul to create it. Ana we love you so much x